Monday, June 11, 2012

Lovely Sundays

I love Sundays. Sunday are family days that seem to be a great mix of productivity and laziness. This sunday was a little sad because we said goodbye to my little brother at the airport as he left us for Kenya for 2 weeks. It was also happy because I'm so excited for him, it should be a life-changing experience for him and hopefully life-changing for the children he comes into contact with.  We miss you already baby bro!
After dropping him off we went for lunch at a place I had never been before, but hope to visit again and again and again very soon! Celebration was a sincerely adorable restaurant. All of the shops and places to eat along the section of the street Celebration is on are all run out of the residential houses that used to be lived in there. Naturally this only added to its charm. We all agreed that even though we were only 10 minutes from home we felt like we were on a vacation! Okay, so it's cute. Is that all? Of course not! THE FOOD WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. It's specialty is having the freshest product (they host farmer's markets) and southern cooking. Southern cooking=fried chicken=I couldn't say no to the chicken fried chicken. And it blew my mind. You could definitely tell how fresh their steamed squash and broccoli was as well.
Seeing as this meal alone could make for the loveliest of Sundays, I'm fortunate to say my luck only continued through the rest of the day. I got my nails done, replaced the jeans that had a hole torn in them, and invested in an arm band to hold my iPhone for when I go running. Mom and I did hot yoga together in the evening and came home to cook another delicious meal with my Dad.
Copious amounts of time were spent loving on my sweet adorable pug pups, Baxter and Sofia. We spent a lot of the evening cuddled up with the little sweeties on the couch. I look at them everyday and can't ever get over how incredibly cute they are. Even though some days they do drive us mad, I'm completely smitten with them.
All in all, Sundays and wonderful days. Thanks for letting me share my lovely Sunday with you. What kind of things do you like to do with your Sundays? 
love, lindsay

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