Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

This lovely Sunday was spent celebrating my daddy and papa. We took a trip out to my mom's parents so we could make lunch for them. They're seriously the most adorable old people ever. My dad grilled steaks and my mom and I made potatoes and brussel sprouts (nom nom nom). We were only there about 5 or 6 hours but it was worth the drive to see how happy it made them!
 Sofia and Baxter LOVED my grandparents yard! It was their first trip to East Texas and they behaved so well all day! They were playful, but not aggressive. Sweet, but not in your face. These pug pups steal more of my heart every day!
 I always love any opportunity I can get to take a photo of my parents together. They are truly two of the most amazing and inspirational people in the world.
 This picture of me and Bax was a happy accident. I just wanted an outfit picture but he couldn't resist coming to love me while I was on his level.
Not only is my daddy the best daddy to me and my brother, he is the greatest Pug Daddy of all time. He loves these little pups like crazy and gives them so much. I truly adore watching him interact with them. Hope you all had a very lovely father's day as well! love, lindsay

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