Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goal: Make Exercise a Part of My Life

The title of this goal may seem silly to a lot of people (especially you health nuts out there), but it means something to me. I can honestly say I truly despise working out. Yes, some days are better than others and I go through phases where I like it more than usual, but at the end of the day I will never want to work out if I can choose to do something else. If I want to stay healthy, especially now that I'm getting older, I need to accept that exercise is just a part of life. Here are the ways I plan on working towards this goal.
1. I need to learn to understand that exercise is not a form of punishment. When my mom asks me to join her for yoga I need to work harder not to take it as her wanting to punish me, because exercise is just a necessary task. Exercise shouldn't be used to punish yourself either. If you screwed up on your diet, that's okay just get back on it right away. Don't use working out as a way of punishing yourself for this mistake.

2. I will create a somewhat consistent exercise routine. If I don't have a schedule to adhere to, I may never make it to the gym. I will start by picking one day of the week that will always be "gym day." After I see that I can adjust to that commitment I can pick two "gym days," and as long as I can commit to what I have already planned keep adding "gym days" until I feel like I am working out enough to reach my goals.

3. I plan to find what exercise works for me. Every body works in a unique way, and an exercise routine that makes your friend feel good and/or lose weight, may not do the same for you. I'll be experimenting this summer to find what way of working out really makes me tick.

What are your favorite ways to get in your exercise? love, lindsay

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