Hi loves, I'm Lindsay with an A.

I'm a 20-something Texan who spends a large chunk of the year going to college in Missouri. I'm a proud pug mama of two little monsters named Sofia and Baxter. They stay in Texas when I'm in Missouri and it makes me horribly sad. My little brother is one of my best friends, our sibling relationship is unrivaled in awesomeness. I've been in a relationship for nearly 6 years now, and about 4 of those years have been long distance. Harry Potter has been my complete obsession since I was just a little girl. My life still somewhat revolves around it and I reference it on a daily basis. When I enter the real world, I hope that I'll be working as an art director at an advertising agency. Or some other graphic design job. My perfect day would include sleeping in, drinking beer (or margaritas) in the pool with some good friends, reading a book, making crafts, going to a Rangers game, and finding time to curl up and watch my favorite shows (Criminal Minds, Fringe, Parks and Rec).