Monday, December 17, 2012

Since You've Been Gone

Or I guess this post would be more properly titled "Since I'VE Been Gone.." I'm home from the most hectic and most wonderful semester of my college life thus far. I made 9 amazing new friends that I consider to be a little family and feel like I sincerely learned more about myself and about design.
I don't come with any promises of blogging more often, because with a family like this (my actual blood family as well) and a busy schedule, this blog just isn't a part of my life anymore. That may seem sad, but I'm in love with this chapter of my life. My last one as a college undergraduate and I want to be a part of it 100% of the way. I hope you have all been wonderful, and I wish you the best on whatever chapter of life you may be in. 

with love,