Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goal: Change Their Lives

I know that this isn't my typical "goal" feature, but today I feel led to blog about something that many people, including myself, have only recently started to hear about: Joseph Kony. If you haven't already seen the Kony 2012 campaign and video from Invisible Children watch it right now. Yes, it is a half hour long, BUT it will open your eyes to the rest of the world.

The things these child soldiers have gone through are unimaginable. It absolutely makes my heart ache to know that many of them have had not only their family stolen from them, but their innocence. Their childhood. Their lives.

What can we do? Who do we send? How can we improve these children's lives?

I'm working on a project at my internship with an amazing non-profit, Exile International, that has a plan for what to do. Has people to send. Has already started to give these children better lives.

Exile is working to heal these kids through art therapy. They send trained counselors to work with former child soldiers in orphanages and train local counselors to continue this therapy throughout the year. Through this these children aren't just survivors, they're becoming leaders for peace in their own communities. If you have anything at all to spare or know someone who might be interested in this cause, please check out their website and send it to your friends. The website shows ways that you can have your hand in the healing process. Even the smallest donations are seen as extremely gracious. I hope that you'll truly consider this dear friends and readers! love, lindsay

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