Friday, July 6, 2012

Posts of the Week

As a new blogger I spend a good amount of time devouring other people's blogs. I'm looking for inspiration. I'm finding my voice. By seeing what I like and envy in other blogs, I can find the direction in which I need to be taking mine. This week I saved up a few of my favorite posts from around the blogosphere and wanted to document them here!

First, a few blogs I have been reading for quite a while now.

On The Dainty Squid, Kaylah shared photos of her bike's makeover. Although I don't really ride bike anymore because of the accident that left me with my big scar, I love that instead of going out to buy a competely different bike, she was able to make what she had fit her style.

A Beautiful Mess shared Katie from Skunkboy Creatures' routine for getting ready! They've already shared Emma's in the past and it has definitely inspired me to want to do a blog post like this.

Tick Tock Vintage posted a gorgeous DIY dress that made me very upset that I can't sew. I know I could learn easily, but I'm severely afraid of needles. Once I get past that little hiccup maybe I'll learn someday?

Swell Mayde put together a DIY Pom Pom clutch for Foam magazine that is killer cute. I may even be able to handle making it!

On some blogs I've only recently discovered I found some wonderful people who have really cool things to share! I'll definitely keep paying attention to these blogs for inpiration.

Kristin from Domestically Unemployed posted about how she would love to be a pen pal with someone who would only send little gifts of things you could ONLY find in your hometown. It challenged me to really think about what's unique to the places I live.

Gentri Lee blogged an inspirational post about taking "a leap of faith." It was short and sweet but succeeded in making me feel a little more confident in what I can do if I take a risk.

One of my favorite bloggers I discovered recently, Kitty and Buck, did a guest post on another great blog, Lazy Explorers, with a DIY for making shaped bokeh. I definitely want to make that lens cover and get out and try it soon.

On Nail Art Couture I was envious of the rainbow leopard nail design she painted for little girls she babysits. I'm pretty sure I could not achieve such perfection on my own.

Those are my favorite posts I ran across over the week, I definitely have a lot of work to do on my own blog and hope you'll stick around on my journey to being a better blogger :)


  1. I love stumbling across other relatively new bloggers who are just getting started in the blogging world! And I, much like you, find myself spending HOURS discovering new blogs at the moment! :)

    It's a sweet little corner of the internet you have here - I'll definitely be back. :)

    Melissa @ Melicious

  2. thank you so much, Lindsay!!

  3. First time visitor right here! I'm really surprised that you're new to blogging! Your blog looks awesome : )

    My Billie

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me! Your blog is so cute.

  5. Yay. Some of my most favorites blogs are here! Great post :)

  6. Thanks for the shoutout! I hope to get the penpal thing up + rolling soon. I'll post an update sometime this week!

  7. Thanks for sharing these great posts!! Came across your blog from BBN and I look forward to watching your little bloggy grow :)

    xo Shane