Sunday, July 8, 2012

Babysitter's Survival Kit

Sorry for no posts yesterday except for an accidental one I never finished, oops! I spent my whole day babysitting my cousin's adorable 1 year old, Elisabeth.

She is a VERY smiley little baby, and was so much fun! Although we had a this big fussy period in the middle.. still totally worth it to see her little face light up when she came back around. Since I've worked as an intern the past two summer I can't even remember the last time I babysat for anyone. Let alone babysit a baby so young for seven hours. So today I wanted to share my babysitter survival kit!

1. Bring backup clothes. Just in case a kid makes a mess on you, or in case the house temperature is extremely hot/extremely cold. Avoiding any of the little issues can make your seven hours a much happier time, and you can actually enjoy being with the cuties you're watching.

2. Have your favorite snack with you. Most of the time you're free to take food from the house or they'll have a meal set up for you, but if you have a particular snack you know you love, there's a chance they may not have exactly what you want! I was very happy to have my Stacy's Pita Chips and Grandma's Hummus during Elisabeth's nap.

3. Bring a book and/or your computer. IF the kids are going to sleep at any point while you're there. There may be nothing on the TV that you want to watch and if you're like me, sometimes every remote seems to be more difficult than the last. Having something to get done while the little ones sleep is a definite for survival.

4. DON'T forget your phone charger. If your phone dies and the parents of the kids you're watching WILL have a heart attack. And not to mention you never know when you'll need to call mom for advice along the way.

I know these are simple tips, but when forgotten they can make seven hours feel like seven thousand. I hope these are helpful for the next time you're watching a little one that isn't your own! love, lindsay


  1. great advice-especially the last one!

  2. Haha oh babysitting survival kit, all good tips. I never thought to bring my own snack though, that's a neat trick.