Sunday, August 26, 2012

hello friends

The Lovely Things Are will be taking things pretty slowly while I adjust into my Back to School mode. I'm hoping that TLTA can become more of a creative outlet than something that needs constant updating. Something I can use to unleash a few ideas or when I need a break from all the work I have on my plate. I'm a senior this year, and even though that means in some ways I'm less busy, I'm also MUCH more busy than I have ever been.

What really makes this year different is that I'm working with a first student staffed full service advertising agency. Our specialty is the youth and young adult market and we actually work with real paying clients. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm so blessed to be a graphic designer on one of our agency's three teams. BUT this also means I almost always have work I should be doing. I'm lucky that this also means I will be surrounded by very talented and creative people all year long!
At the end of the day though, this is my last year as an undergraduate, and possibly my last year in college... and I REALLY want to make it count! There is no other time like this in my life so I want to make sure I balance all the work with lots of fun! Well, you'll still be hearing from me from time to time my friends, I hope all is well where you are.
with love, lindsay

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