Monday, August 20, 2012

Bid Day 2012

I CAN FINALLY SHARE MY BANNER! I put a lot of work into making this banner great for bid day.. Lots of stress, maybe even a little crying.. but in the end we came up with something I'm proud to share with you all. Our theme was Dia De Los Pi Phi. We took it in a sort of boho/free people direction with lots of flowers and big hanging chinese lanterns in the yard.
 I got to spend my last bid day ever with my two best Pi Phi friends, Brooke and Morgan. We've been close ever since we were roommates in the Pi Phi house sophomore year, and now we're old! It's still hard to believe that after this year I probably won't be in the same city as either of them.
 Here's my senior pledge class celebrating our the beginning of the end! The letters were designed by a senior and they turned out SO cute and correlated very well with the banner.
This amazing girl, Emily, was my co-banner chair. The banner was practically all her in the end, I couldn't have survived banner committee time without her!
with love, lindsay


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast and your banner turned out great..all the hard work payed off

  2. That banner is seriously SO sweet, I'm diggin' it. Looks like you girls had a ton of fun!

    - Katelyn